Meet Ardath & Leroy

Ardath & Leroy stems from past generations of a deep love for fashion. My great-grandmother and grandfather were the inspiration and motivation behind the shop.

My great- grandmother was a complete spitfire, life of the party, and LOVED fashion! She never needed a reason to dress to the nines, was never scared to go against the norm when it came to curating her larger-than-life outfits. Even when that meant often standing out like a sore, but FABULOUS, thumb. She was never afraid of mixing patterns/textures. My favorite quote that makes me think of her,
“I try to avoid the ordinary” - Bill Murray.

David Leroy to be exact, was my grandfather (Ardath’s son). He was the complete opposite. He often liked to slow down and just appreciate the present moment, and everyone and everything in it. Loved to go for long drives, just because. Never met a yard sale or thrift store that he couldn’t stop at. Wore simple/neutral items that were made well of quality fabrics. Enjoyed the thrill of hunting for abandoned gems. Imagined the places that second hand pieces had probably been and stories that old pieces probably had to tell. 

Ardath & Leroy is a genuine blend of their two styles and personalities. Everything from simple/neutral basics, to funky fabrics and sequin-filled party attire. 

I hope you find as much joy and in these rediscovered pieces as I have found sourcing them.

With love,